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September 2023
Dallas, TX


to the Showdown


Club DOJO is proud to present the Samurai Showdown Kings of War Grand Tournament. 


Our goal is to offer war-gamers a challenging and rewarding gaming experience.  As a competitive gaming club DOJO values transparency in scoring,  easy to understand rules, and fun scenarios.  All rules will be laid out within this website long before the tournament, so players can build their lists and play-test the rules before deciding on their army lists.  If any special rule or scoring mechanic is unclear please contact us ASAP, so we can correct the problem!


Prepare yourselves; for those who wish to receive the title of "Shogun" must first do battle with the mightiest generals in the empire and only the strong will survive!

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"There are only two ways to come back from the battlefield.  With the head of an enemy or without your own"

- Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu


*Coming Soon*

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