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Haikus are a traditional Japanese poetry style.  They are typically written with 3 lines with a set number a syllables per line.  1st line = 5 syllables, 2nd line = 7 syllables, & 3rd line = 5 syllables.  This brief and stylized poem is a perfect medium for issuing challenges to your opponents.  They offer an opportunity for warriors competing in the Samurai Showdown GT to demonstrate their creativity, wit, and ruthlessness in order to intimidate their opponents.  When writing a Haiku you should be painting a vivid image of the scene you wish to depict; this is done by breaking the poem into 2 distinct parts: 1. A description of events that are unfolding (usually the 1st & 2nd lines), 2. A moment of clarity or revelation where a deeper understanding is found (usually in the 3rd line).  You can find a good explanation for the Haiku style HERE.  


Players may issue or accept a challenge using a haiku to get a bonus point towards their Sportsmanship score.  Alternatively you may wait until you are assigned a game #1 opponent and then write a haiku that predicts the results of the battle or that will intimidate / belittle your opponent.  Post your Haiku in a Kings of War Facebook group and tag Aaron Chapman, so that the challenge and bonus point is logged.  Below are a few examples of the genius poems written in past years to give you some inspiration.

* * *


Men with pointy sticks

Many lined up in a row

Dinosaur buffet

-Justin May to Tony Rogers

* * *

Zach, you Riftforg'd bitch

I'm glad we get to play, but

Dominate it is

-Justin Robbins to Zack Clark

* * *

Devlin your sword is

Weak, like your body and heart

Brawler's can't save you

-David Sweatt to Devlin Smith

* * *

Blue skies will darken

The wind howls and arrows fly

Elf acupuncture

No verdant units

No fear for splinters or an

Evil Dead love scene

Gonna make you Sweatt

Imagine the techno song

but BDSM

My next tourny west

When we both stay at Mark's house

I'll show you my Cox

The Counter Charger

A Brawler on Brawler crime


-Devlin Smith to David Sweatt

* * *

Mark Bryson challenge!

Why use lot words? Few will do

Winner, the best Mark

-Mark Cox to Mark Bryson

* * *

Clown cacophony

Entices the living dead

Fools flesh satisfies

Past the horizon

Squeaky clown shoes fall silent

A circus of death

-Travis Cook to John Hogge

* * *

Hey, Mister O'Neal

You like fighting horde armies?

Ha Ha... that's too bad!

Fast and yet nimble

Fear the Explodomatics!

Can you say, "KABOOM!"?

Mawbeasts everywhere

Kill a few... I have lots more

Swarming on the field

You may fly, but I

Have annoying Groany Snark

To mess up your plans

How will you survive

The sea of green and rainbows

Bringing forth your doom?

-Rick Hoy to Todd O'Neal

* * *

Flanks and rears be surged

My casket will not fizzle

Your army is purged

-Tristan Glidden to Justin Robbins

* * *

Come forth big hug man

Your vengeance is now at hand

Oklahoma shame

One shot your Reavers

Watch as I do it again

Not a hug for you

Best of the Rest boy

Varangur will not save you

Game one shall be mine

-Robert Zimmerman to Drew Richardson

* * *

A challenge you've made

Weak, but acceptable still

Now begins your doom

Hugs will ease your pain

They will grip you like a blade

Cuts through to your soul

Varangur are strong

Sixty-fifth Master am I

Game one shall be mine

-Drew Richardson to Robert Zimmerman

* * *

Once mighty Shogun

Kneels as lowly disciple

Bows to his better

Shame shrouds pride blunts nerve

The fighting spirit has fled

The blade hangs limply

-John Green Jr. to Jeff Radigan

* * *

Silly Cajun man

Great leaders also follow

No shame in friendship

Mosquito buzzes

Foolish to call attention

Now must be dealt with

Round one loss assured

The moment you challenged me

The best in Texas

-Jeff Radigan to John Green Jr.

* * *

Jose loses grip

Defeat's bitter taste lingers

Hope for victory

-Jordan Braun to Jose Vega

* * *

You will fall at Dojo

Not because I can beat you

I will just push you

- Matt Young to Nick Mikelonis

* * *

In the gaming room

Samurai rat keeps honor

Will you bring plum wine?

-Nick Mikelonis to Matt Young

* * *

Bad notes band plays LOUD

Smash your ears to bits, HONK! HONK!

No one laughing now

-John Hogge to Travis Cook

* * *

Bruce shoots my angels

Halo targets in his sight

Ouch my holy ass

-Tom Annis to Bruce McDanel

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