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2019-2020 Civil War

The island Empire of Nippon is on the verge of civil war; the Emperor has died without an heir and now the Daimyos of the 3 great clans all claim to have a divine right to rule.  The Daimyos can all trace their bloodlines back to the first Emperor, so the only way to resolve the impasse is through bloody war!


Now that the Emperor's throne is vacant and negotiations have failed, the Daiomyos have sent out their emissaries to rally the armies of their vassel lords.  These emissaries are legendary Samurai warriors loyal only to their Daimyo.  They have been charged with the task of convincing the vassel lords to fight on behalf of their Daimyo, to help with the conscription & training of the peasant soldiers, and to assist the local lord in leading their army on the battlefield. 


Your Daimyo demands your assistance in securing him the Emperor's throne and for your loyalty he has promised to appoint you to the position of "Shogun", the Warlord of all Nippon!

A great war is about to begin to determine which Clan's Daimyo will prevail and which general will become Shogun?  


The Samurai Showdown has begun!



2020-2021 A Tenuous Peace

The great warlord, Ogami Ittō, lead an army of Ice Elementals & hardy samurai warriors down from his mountain stronghold to invade the Southern lands in service to his Daimyo.  After months of brutal war, the Fox Clan was triumphant in toppling the capital city and a new Emperor sits on the throne.  Ogami Ittō was elevated to the position of Shogun and rules over Nippon with an cold iron fist!  The Daimyos of the Turtle and Viper Clans reluctantly accepted their new rulers, but it was clear the Civil War was far from over.

Just as his reign had begun a mysterious plague began to ravage the island nation.  The peasants, fearful of contracting this virulent disease, cowered within their villages causing trade to cease and rumors of undead bandits roaming the countryside began to circulate.  And it is suspected that the Undead Samurai Toyotomi might be to blame, for he had faced the great Ogami Ittō in battle and was slain, but death wasn't enough to prevent him from seeking the rank of Shogun before, so why would death be a hindrance now?

Meanwhile, harsh weather brutalized the crops and swarms of rats began to overwhelm the cities.  It was as if the Forces of Nature itself were resisting the new Shogunate.

Weary from the war, the great Samurai Warlords will shelter their armies in place to wait out the disease and destruction that was running rampant across the lands.  In time they would be able to replenish their forces and war would renew.  Will Ogami Ittō be able to maintain his fragile rule over Nippon or will a more powerful Shogun take his place?  It appears that another Samurai Showdown is inevitable!

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