Social Distancing

In order to ensure all players remain safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic we have to take a few extra precautions.  Unfortunately there is no way to make sure anyone is 100% protected from this disease in a social gathering like a Kings of War GT, but that doesn't mean we cant reduce the risks to a reasonable level.  We have players coming from several different States and major metropolitan areas that have been heavily impacted by this virus, so even though YOU may not personally have a high risk of being a carrier, it's impossible to say nobody is at risk of being a carrier, so it's best to assume anyone can be a carrier, then we can better protect everyone and have an enjoyable weekend.

Safe Gaming Rules:

  • Facial coverings are required to be worn while inside the hotel.  Dallas County has made this a requirement and the hotel is enforcing it.  If the requirement to wear a mask is no longer in effect at the time of the tournament, then we may remove this rule and I will notify everyone of the change.​​  Any facial covering (like a bandanna) will work for this; the goal is to restrict the physical distance the virus can travel from the infected person.  I will bring along some basic surgical masks for those who don't have one (1 per player or until I run out).  However some thematic mask options exist that I strongly encourage you to purchase:

  • If you have a fever above 100.4°F you are asked to refrain from attending the tournament for everyone's safety.  I'll have a no-touch thermometer to check players if needed, but if you have a temperature this high you likely feel like shit and should know better than to try to attend for the sake of your own health.

  • No hand shaking!  A Japanese bow is the ONLY appropriate greeting or congratulatory gesture allowed at this event (even without social distancing being necessary).  Learn proper bowing etiquette ahead of time to avoid embarrassment:

  • No hugs, kisses, or hand-jobs (you'll have to figure out a different method for attaining Sportsmanship Points).


  • Don't touch other players' dice.

  • Don't touch other players' models.

  • Don't share food.

  • Don't touch your face or mask.  This is to limit the risk of you coming into contact with the virus and then touching surfaces other players might touch.

  • I will bring along some hand sanitizer and encourage everyone to use it frequently.  Please feel free to bring your own too, so you have it handy at the table.